obálka: IN EVIL HOUR


Autor: Márquez Gabriel García
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Informácie o knihe

'Cesar Montero was dreaming about elephants. He'd seen them at the movies on Sunday...' Only moments later, Cesar is led away by police as they clear the crowds away from the man he has just killed. But Cesar is not the only man to be riled by the rumours being spread in his Colombian hometown - under the cover of darkness, someone creeps through the streets sticking malicious posters to walls and doors. Each night the respectable townsfolk retire to their beds fearful that they will be the subject of the following morning's lampoons. As paranoia seeps through the town and the delicate veil of tranquility begins to slip, can the perpetrator be uncovered before accusation and violence leave the inhabitants' sanity in tatters?


  • Počet strán: 183
  • Formát: 128 × 196 mm
  • Väzba: brožovaná
  • Jazyk: anglický
  • EAN: 9780140157505