obálka: Art in the Streets

Art in the Streets

Autor: Deitch Jeffrey
Vydavateľstvo: Rizzoli
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Informácie o knihe

Forty years ago, graffiti in New York evolved from elementary mark-making into an important art form. By the end of the 1980s, it had been documented in books and films that were seen around the world, sparking an international graffiti movement. Art in the Streets, now back in print after several years, considers the rise of New York graffiti and the international scenes it inspired from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo to Paris to Tokyo as well as earlier and parallel movements: the break dancing and rap music of hip-hop; the graffiti used by Chicano gangs to mark their territory; the skateboarding culture that began in Southern California.Expertly researched, beautifully illustrated, and featuring contributions by many of the most significant curators, writers, and artists involved in the graffiti world, this now classic volume is an in-depth examination of this seminal movement.


  • EAN: 9780847869756