obálka: The Periodic Table of DC

The Periodic Table of DC

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Discover the elemental properties and explosive reactions of iconic DC characters From Superman, whose powers are enhanced by Earth's yellow sun to The Flash, imbued with the Speed Force, and from Batman's superior human abilities to the mystically empowered Wonder Woman, not to mention the criminal genius of Lex Luthor and The Joker, the DC universe comprises a vast and varied array of heroes and villains. Whether Atlantean or Amazonian, magical or elemental, technologically augmented or genetically evolved, key and lesser known DC characters are expertly classified in The Periodic Table of DC to illuminate the properties that bind them, the catalysts that created them, the active agents that energize them, and the fundamental forces that underpin the DC Multiverse. With more than 130 character profiles written by a DC expert, beautiful comic book art, and DC's seal of approval, The Periodic Table of DC reveals the fascinating and astonishing connections between the most extraordinary heroes and villains ever created.All DC characters and elements (c) & (TM) DC Comics. (s23)

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