obálka: Natural Wonders of the World

Natural Wonders of the World

Vydavateľstvo: Dorling Kindersley
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Discover which of Earth's wonders should definitely make it onto your bucket list with this unparalleled survey of the world's natural treasures. Landscape photography is combined with 3D terrain models and other explanatory artworks to reveal what lies beneath the surface and how features form. To complete the all-round picture, the plants and animals that inhabit the environments are also included, making Natural Wonders of the World a celebration of our world and the most accessible-ever guide to Earth's geological processes and features.In this book about the world, you will find:-Photography of animals, nature and sites from across the globe to create a visual celebration of our planet's natural beauty. -Artworks and digital terrain models constructed from satellite and other data explain how features were formed and reveal their hidden sides. -Detailed chapters on different continents worldwide- including Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. Facts, statistics, maps and explanations about our planet’s plants and animals. As well as information about rainforests, glaciers and oceans. Also, explore extreme weather conditions such as Cyclones, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, sandstorms and dust storms in Natural wonders of the World.

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