obálka: PEACE

PEACE (2002)

Fantasy Masterworks

Autor: Wolfe Gene
Vydavateľstvo: Penguin Books
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Informácie o knihe

The memoir of Alden Dennis Weer, told as he apparently lives out his last years in the same Midwestern town he was born in, is a melancholy, amiable series of tales. But his story reveals that Weer has been around more than his fair share of death, and this may not be coincidental.

As the narrative unfolds, a miraculous dimension emerges. For Weer's imagination can reshape reality, obliterate time, even transcend death itself...

Peace is a seductive, powerful and affecting novel of rare resonance and depth; a brilliantly imaginative tour de force that ranks alongside the most memorable modern fantasies.


  • Počet strán: 365
  • Formát: 128 × 195 mm
  • Väzba: brožovaná
  • Rok vydania: 2002
  • Jazyk: anglický
  • EAN: 9780575073760